Southeast Asian SMEs are SAP’s focus.


Southeast Asian SMEs are SAP’s focus.


In Southeast Asia, SAP launches the Grow with SAP campaign to promote S/4 Hana Cloud adoption among small and medium-sized businesses.

With a new initiative that grants access to the public cloud edition of S/4 Hana Cloud, SAP is targeting small and medium-sized businesses (SMEs) in Southeast Asia. S/4 Hana Cloud is a cloud-based enterprise resource planning (ERP) suite of business applications.

The scheme, known as Grow with SAP, also gives SMEs access to the SAP company Technology Platform, which they can use to create corporate apps, automate procedures, and create company websites without knowing any programming languages.

Verena Siow, president and managing director of SAP Southeast Asia, emphasised the increased adoption and interest in SAP cloud products among SMES during the pandemic while speaking during the program’s inauguration in Phuket, Thailand. In the area, SMEs make up about eight out of ten SAP clients.

Digital has taken centre stage for businesses looking to continue to exist and function, she added. Because they can no longer rely on Excel and customised apps, SMEs have a lot of interest. Because of this, we created Grow with SAP to make cloud ERP deployment simpler, quicker, and more efficient.

The Grow with SAP project will be exclusively run by SAP partners like Delaware, a large international technology service company with operations in Southeast Asia, and Thailand’s I AM Consulting.

According to Vipin Chandran, SAP’s chief partner officer for Southeast Asia, the firm depends on partners to expand into regional cities like Surabaya in Indonesia and Danang in Vietnam as well as markets like Cambodia, Myanmar, Nepal, and Bhutan.

Chandran said that partners also play a very important role in assisting SAP clients in swiftly realising the value of their SAP investments by reducing deployment time, particularly for SMEs that do not have in-house IT staff.

Siow said that SAP’s Grow with SAP initiative targets new clients with brand-new S/4 Hana Cloud deployments. Before integrating other features like supply chain management, the majority of clients are anticipated to start with financials in order to develop and grow their businesses, she continued.

The main benefit of the S/4 Hana public cloud, according to Christophe Derdeyn, partner and director of Delaware’s Singapore and worldwide business, is that you can start small and move quickly—six to eight weeks is a reasonable entry point.

Additionally, from the viewpoint of internal operations, you will require an implementation provider like us, but once you go live in the initial phase, you do not require a sizable IT team. You may add new features as your company develops and the platform can change over time.

One of the first companies to register for the new SAP initiative is Singapore’s Temasek Public Resilience Infectious Disease Emergency (T-Pride) fund.

T-Pride, a fund established during the Covid-19 pandemic to aid vulnerable groups and families, is able to improve how it operates with greater governance and visibility while continuing to fulfil its mission, according to Judy Hoie, CEO of T-Pride. “By moving to cloud and leveraging Grow with SAP as our digital core, we are able to enhance the way we operate with greater governance and visibility, while continuing to deliver on our mission,” she said.

“Using an integrated solution will guarantee that future deployments can be managed successfully and that processes and governance are in line. We continue to address the changing demands of our communities and transform lives for a more inclusive and resilient world with a unified and data-driven approach to process analysis and enhanced decision-making, she added.

SAP increased its cloud revenue in Asia-Pacific and Japan during the first quarter of 2023 to €414m ($458m), up 23% from the corresponding time in 2022. Global cloud revenue for SAP increased by 24%, with S/4 Hana cloud revenue increasing by 77%.


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