CNN Appoints David C. Leavy as Chief Operating Officer to Drive Strategic Growth and Address Internal Challenges


CNN Appoints David C. Leavy as Chief Operating Officer

CNN Chairman & CEO, Chris Licht, unveils a significant development as David C. Leavy joins the network as the Chief Operating Officer (COO) of CNN Worldwide. This strategic appointment aims to strengthen CNN’s leadership team and propel the network’s transformative growth initiatives.

CNN Announces David C. Leavy as Chief Operating Officer to Drive Strategic Growth

In his new role, Leavy will assume responsibility for overseeing commercial, operational, and promotional activities across CNN’s global operations. With his extensive experience and deep operational knowledge, Leavy will work closely with Licht and the senior leadership team to shape CNN’s future, including launching new programming, expanding digital platforms, and growing the CNN brand worldwide.

Leavy’s Extensive Expertise and Experience to Enhance CNN’s Leadership Dynamics

Chris Licht emphasizes David Leavy’s remarkable background, highlighting his deep operational experience, institutional knowledge, and key industry relationships. With over 23 years of experience at Discovery Inc. and Warner Bros. Discovery, Leavy brings a wealth of expertise to CNN. His strategic mindset and versatility will foster a collaborative environment and further strengthen CNN’s position as a leading global news organization.

Leavy’s appointment is seen as a significant asset to CNN’s leadership team. His operational expertise and industry relationships will complement the existing strengths of the team, ensuring CNN remains at the forefront of the rapidly evolving media landscape.

Transforming CNN’s Business Landscape: Leavy Takes the Helm as COO

As the newly appointed COO, David Leavy assumes a critical role in transforming CNN’s business landscape. With his extensive experience in media and entertainment, Leavy will spearhead the network’s strategic initiatives, focusing on commercial growth, operational efficiency, and global brand expansion.

Leavy’s deep understanding of the media industry will prove invaluable as CNN navigates the evolving digital landscape. His leadership will be instrumental in launching new programs, developing innovative content formats, and expanding CNN’s digital reach to engage audiences across various platforms.

David C. Leavy
David C. Leavy

Leveraging Past Successes: Leavy’s Accomplishments at Discovery Inc. and Warner Bros. Discovery

Prior to joining CNN, David Leavy served as the Chief Corporate Affairs Officer for Warner Bros. Discovery, where he successfully navigated public policy and social responsibility matters. He played a pivotal role in shaping the company’s strategic initiatives, including the successful launch of the streaming platform discovery+ in 2021

With a proven track record in driving operational excellence and implementing transformative strategies, Leavy brings a wealth of experience to CNN. His ability to leverage past successes and adapt to changing industry dynamics will be key in positioning CNN for continued growth and success.


CNN’s PR Department Restructuring: Reporting Lines Shift to Leavy

In a noteworthy development, CNN’s public relations department undergoes a restructuring. The team will now report to David Leavy, the newly appointed COO. This shift signifies a changing organizational dynamic and reinforces Leavy’s increased responsibilities, including overseeing promotions and ensuring effective communication strategies.

The restructuring of CNN’s PR department reflects the network’s commitment to a more integrated and cohesive approach to communications. By aligning the PR team with the COO, CNN aims to streamline communication efforts, enhance collaboration, and strengthen the network’s external messaging.


Leavy Assumes COO Role Ahead of Schedule, Addressing Internal Challenges

David Leavy’s appointment as COO comes at a time when CNN faces internal challenges surrounding Chris Licht’s leadership. Tasked with addressing concerns raised by CNN journalists, Leavy takes swift action to foster a more collaborative and supportive environment within the network, ensuring CNN’s continued success.

Leavy’s early assumption of the COO role demonstrates his commitment to resolving internal issues and restoring trust within the organization. By actively engaging with CNN’s staff and addressing their concerns, Leavy aims to build a stronger foundation for the network’s future growth and success.

Restoring Trust and Strengthening Collaboration: Leavy Tackles Journalists’ Concerns

CNN journalists openly express their concerns about Chris Licht’s leadership. In his role as COO, David Leavy actively engages with the staff, listens to their feedback, and takes decisive measures to restore trust and strengthen collaboration, creating a more positive work culture at CNN.

By prioritizing open communication, fostering a supportive environment, and addressing journalists’ concerns, Leavy aims to rebuild trust and enhance collaboration within the CNN newsroom. This collaborative approach will ensure that CNN’s journalists can continue to deliver high-quality, trusted news coverage to audiences worldwide.

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Licht’s Apology and Commitment to CNN’s Reputation and Excellence

Acknowledging the negative impact of a critical magazine profile, Chris Licht addresses CNN staff, expressing his remorse and apologizing for any distractions caused. He reaffirms his unwavering commitment to rebuilding CNN’s reputation as the world’s most trusted name in news, showcasing his dedication to journalistic excellence.

Licht’s apology demonstrates his commitment to transparency and accountability. By acknowledging the challenges and taking responsibility for any shortcomings, he sets a strong example of leadership. With a renewed focus on CNN’s reputation and dedication to delivering unbiased news, Licht aims to regain the trust of both the staff and the audience.

Expanding CNN’s Potential: Leavy’s Appointment Elevates Leadership Team

With the addition of David C. Leavy as COO, CNN elevates its leadership team, bolstering the network’s capacity for growth and innovation. Leveraging Leavy’s extensive experience alongside CNN’s commitment to delivering quality journalism, the network solidifies its position as a global news leader and embarks on an exciting chapter of success.

The appointment of David Leavy signifies CNN’s commitment to expanding its potential and staying at the forefront of the media industry. With a strengthened leadership team and a focus on strategic growth, CNN is poised to seize new opportunities, engage diverse audiences, and continue its legacy of delivering impactful journalism on a global scale.

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