Jimin Reigns Supreme as the Unparalleled ‘King of iTunes’

'King of iTunes'
'King of iTunes'

Jimin Reigns Supreme as the Unparalleled ‘King of iTunes’


In an era dominated by digital music platforms, BTS member Jimin has emerged as a true powerhouse, earning the illustrious title of the ‘King of iTunes.’ With an awe-inspiring series of accomplishments, Jimin’s solo releases have shattered records, leaving an indelible mark on iTunes charts worldwide. Let us explore the extraordinary milestones he has achieved and the seismic impact he has made on the music industry at large.

Unprecedented Triumph with ‘With You’

Jimin’s very first solo endeavor outside of BTS, a mesmerizing duet titled ‘With You’ featuring Ha Sungwoon, ignited a global sensation. In a mere four hours and a fraction, ‘With You’ blitzed its way to the summit, becoming the fastest song to claim the coveted #1 position in an astounding 100 countries on iTunes. This historic achievement not only dethroned BTS’ chart-topping hit ‘Dynamite’ but also solidified Jimin’s status as a bona fide global superstar.

‘Like Crazy’ Unleashes a New Era of Achievement

Unrelenting in his pursuit of excellence, Jimin’s solo single ‘Like Crazy’ single-handedly redefined success. The track shattered records by securing the highest number of #1 positions within the first 24 hours of its release. Storming the iTunes charts in an astounding 112 countries before the conclusion of a single day, ‘Like Crazy’ stands as the swiftest song in history to conquer this milestone. This feat surpasses even Jimin’s previous accomplishment with ‘With You,’ which had achieved #1 in 107 countries within the first 24 hours.

Dominating the Upper Echelons

Jimin’s musical supremacy transcends a solitary hit. Astonishingly, he holds an iron grip on the top three positions for songs that have achieved the most #1 positions on iTunes within the first 24 hours. ‘With You,’ ‘Set Me Free Pt.2,’ and ‘Like Crazy’ collectively dominate this prestigious ranking, underscoring Jimin’s unparalleled popularity and unwavering support from his devoted fanbase.

‘Filter’ Propels Boundaries to New Frontiers

Within BTS’ discography, Jimin’s solo track ‘Filter’ defied expectations and rewrote the rulebook. This groundbreaking song soared to #1 on iTunes in an impressive 117 countries and counting, surpassing any previous BTS release. ‘Filter’ solidifies Jimin’s immense impact as a solo artist, an unprecedented feat within the illustrious career of the internationally acclaimed group.

Collaborative Brilliance with ‘VIBE’

Jimin’s boundless talent extends beyond solo performances. His collaboration with Taeyang on the transcendent track ‘VIBE’ captivated audiences worldwide, attaining the coveted #1 spot on iTunes in an impressive 102 countries. This artistic alliance serves as a testament to Jimin’s versatility and ability to captivate listeners across diverse musical genres.

'King of iTunes'
‘King of iTunes’

The Triumph of ‘Angel Pt.1’

On May 22, 2023, Jimin’s latest release in collaboration with four exceptional artists, ‘Angel Pt.1,’ surged to the pinnacle of success by reaching #1 in an astounding 100 countries. This unprecedented achievement establishes Jimin as the first and only artist in the world to accomplish this remarkable feat on iTunes with four distinct songs in 2023.

Unmatched Records and Unsurpassed Triumphs

With a remarkable six songs reaching at least 100 #1 positions on iTunes, Jimin stands unchallenged as the unparalleled champion in the annals of iTunes history. This remarkable achievement solidifies Jimin’s legacy as the first and only artist to conquer such unprecedented heights. Even when excluding ‘Filter,’ which falls within the domain of BTS’ discography, Jimin reigns supreme as the soloist with the most songs reaching #1 in at least 100 countries, an astounding feat boasting five songs.


Jimin’s extraordinary achievements as the unmatched ‘King of iTunes’ reflect his global appeal and unparalleled artistry. From shattering records to achieving unparalleled success across an array of countries, Jimin continually captivates the world with his solo releases. His contributions to the music industry, coupled with an unwavering support from his dedicated fanbase, cement his status as one of the most influential artists of our time. As Jimin continues to defy expectations and push boundaries, the reign of the ‘King of iTunes’ remains unchallenged, leaving an indelible imprint on the world of music.


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