How global financial market is growing?


When the Bretton Woods system’s fixed exchange rates collapsed in 1971, putting currencies at the whim of the markets, observers started to express their concerns about the global financial system. Due to the availability of more potent instruments for market participants to utilise when placing futures bets, the usage of derivatives today has rekindled previous anxieties. Government control over exchange and interest rates is further weakened by these devices. However, the conflict between governments and the market is not limited to the area of economic policy; the introduction of new generations of derivatives products and the losses sustained have also reignited worries about how well the markets are regulated.

Some financial professionals are optimistic about the safety of handling the new items. In their eyes Others, however, draw attention to the sizable losses suffered in recent years and express concern about investors’ capacity to comprehend the risks they are taking. The Orange County fiasco has brought this point home with a vengeance. And in a broader context, many people have voiced concerns that the complex instruments would somehow bring down the entire global financial system.

Some worry that the global financial system may collapse due to derivatives.

Two recent papers offer various viewpoints on these problems. American journalist Gregory J. Millman vividly recounts the apparition in his book The Vandals’ Crown.
The empire’s rulers, however, have not given up their position. The other viewpoint on the conflict between governments and markets originates from the centre of the entrenched establishment. A report written by the eminent Bretton Woods Commission, which was led by former Federal Reserve chairman Paul Volcker, who more than anyone else came to represent the power of governments over markets, was released last summer. The book, titled Bretton Woods: Looking to the Future, combines a brief nine-page policy statement with a number of insightful background studies on topics related to the international monetary system and development assistance, mostly written by academics and former public officials.

Financial markets: what are they?
Consider businesses like eBay that connect buyers and sellers to determine a price for anything from used furniture to the newest iPhone.To determine a price for financial assets, financial markets bring together buyers and sellers.

What exactly are the “financial assets” traded on the stock markets?

Owning stock in a business entails ownership of a portion of it. Companies issue shares to raise funds so they can expand and make investments.

Bond issuance is a way for governments and large corporations to raise money. These can be purchased and traded on the financial markets and are essentially future “IOUs.” Government bonds, commonly referred to as “gilts,” are a type of public debt.

How can I benefit from financial markets?
You may be able to invest money in shares, also known as stocks, on the financial markets in order to accumulate funds for the future.This frequently offers a higher return over time than opening a savings account at your bank. But investing in stocks comes with riskOpens in a separate window. It’s crucial to keep in mind that the value of any investment might increase as well as decrease, and that past performance does not guarantee future success.The financial markets also enable insurance purchases. Financial markets must be used by insurance firms to ensure that you will be compensated in the event of an accident.

How do the financial markets benefit companies?
For businesses to employ, invest in, and grow, financial markets supply financing.For instance, Apple was founded in a Californian garage. It had some really good ideas, but money was needed to make them happen.It convinced one investor to lend the business $250,000 in 1977. As the business expanded over time, it was able to borrow over $100 million from the financial markets less than five years later by selling company stock.Apple has over 100,000 employees and is currently valued at hundreds of billions of dollars.Therefore, when the financial markets are functioning properly, the nation can be greatly improved.


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