ChatGPT helps Snapchat get one million new premium subscribers.


ChatGPT helps Snapchat get one million new premium subscribers.

After ChatGPT gained notoriety for its ability to write, draw, and code, more businesses began incorporating the potent AI into their services.

Snap reported on its annual partner conference, which was held in Santa Monica, California, the birthplace of Snapchat.

The most intriguing aspect is that 1 million of these premium subscribers—paying $3.99 per month—came during the previous 11 weeks, immediately following the integration of My AI, an artificial intelligence model powered by ChatGPT, on Snapchat+.

What we essentially observe is that when we roll out new features, more users are eager to join up for or test Snapchat+. Evan Spiegel, the CEO of Snap, stated that “We definitely saw some excellent progress with My AI.

According to what Snapchat revealed on Wednesday, the My AI function will soon be available to all users.

The majority of what ChatGPT can do, including producing material, responding to inquiries, and facilitating simple chats, my AI can also perform.

However, ChatGPT also experiences shortcomings that are present in all of the most current large language model (LLM) AI language systems. Because it was trained using data that was extracted from the internet, it frequently reinforces and repeats biases like sexism and racism in its responses. The system is also prone to fabricating data and presenting it as exact reality, including historical dates and scientific rules.





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