Report on abortion ruling leak published by the US Supreme Court

Leak caused internal strife at the nation's top court and sparked a political uproar after Politico published the draught judgement on May 2.

Supporters of abortion rights are holding demonstrations outside the courthouse and in other cities across the country.

The confidentiality practised by the nine-member court in formulating decisions after hearing oral arguments in cases was violated in an unprecedented way.

The leak inquiry was carried out at a time when the court was under heightened scrutiny and there were worries about the credibility of the institution eroding

The day after the leaked opinion was published, U.S. Chief Justice John Roberts declared an investigation into what he called "a single and egregious breach"

The court's credibility may be in jeopardy if Americans start to perceive its members as attempting to impose personal preferences on society, liberal Justice Elena Kagan said in September.