On "SNL," Chris Martin and Coldplay performed a choir-backed rendition of the iconic song "Fix You."

The host of "Saturday Night Live" on February 4 was "The Last of Us" actor Pedro Pascal, but Chris Martin and Coldplay provided the soundtrack.

The British group played their hit "The Astronaut," which was co-written by BTS's Jin, when they made their sixth appearance as musical guests on "SNL" on Saturday.

The group's second song was an acapella called "Human Heart," and it was supported by English singer Jacob Collier and the group chorus Jason Max Ferdinand Singers.

The audience's favourite Coldplay song from 2005, "Fix You," was then introduced by Martin and the chorus while stars glowed on the stage's back wall.

Chris Martin: Coldplay says that he asked BTS "what stardom was like" when breaking the rules for his latest record.

There's a chance Pascal didn't sing along. The "Last of Us" actor, though, proved during the promos that he can mix things up. A Clicker zombie and Pascal were seen dancing.