John Lydon wants to use his Eurovision entry to expose the "suffering" of Alzheimer's

Former Sex Pistol playing for Ireland and bringing a love letter to his 44-year-old wife who is battling the disease

According to John Lydon, the main reason he's competing to represent Ireland at this year's Eurovision song contest is to spread awareness of Alzheimer's illness.

The musician, who is both Irish and American, stated, "I'm performing it to emphasise the utter misery of what Alzheimer's entails."

Lydon acknowledged his anxiety at the thought of fighting to represent Ireland live on television despite Ireland's record seven Eurovision victories.

Lydon took his time crafting Hawaii, which will be released later this year on 7-inch vinyl and on the album End of the World.

The song's title alludes to the singer's favourite vacation with Forster and PiL in the 1980s, when the water was "loud, violent, and scary"