In a vicious put-down, golf influencer Paige Spiranac declares she will change her moniker to "Alpha Jugs."

 Paige Spiranac, a golf influencer, has told her admirers that she will change her moniker to "Alpha Jugs" after dealing with a Twitter troll.

 The former professional gamer has achieved internet fame by sharing frequent sexy photos and giving her 756,000 followers gameplay advise.

The 29-year-old is accustomed to receiving praise from her fan base, so she was well-prepared when she engaged in an online spat with author Nick Adams.

Spiranac, who memorably sparred with Bryson DeChambeau last year, duly retaliated by saying, "It would be so satisfying out driving you all day long,"

Though unperturbed, the American beauty surprised her critic with a brilliant retort: "Listen, Nick, we all know I have excellent milkers."

Nick is the kind of golfer who starts from the tips but can't hit the ball farther than 220. At 310 out, he will wait for par 5s that are reachable in two.