As she honours Kobe Bryant in an event in Hollywood, Natalia Bryant refers to him as the "MVP of girl dads."

At The TCL Chinese Theatre in February 2011, the former Lakers player became the first athlete to get his hands and feet stamped.

Wednesday saw the release of Kobe Bryant's handprints and footprints at the location by Natalia Bryant, her mother Vanessa Bryant, and her sisters Bianka and Capri.

Natalia Bryant stated in a speech, "I got to know and love him as my dad, whereas most people knew him as a basketball player or a storyteller.

She then reminisced about her father and credited him with inspiring her love of movies.

I saw every single one of these movies with my dad, and I'll never forget any of those memories, so that's why, she explained.

She continued, "He is the reason I am studying cinema in college.